Mavllos ATHLON Baitcasting Reel

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1, 8 Stainless Ball Bearings + 1 Stainless Roller Ball Bearing +1 addition spool bearing provides Smooth Operation (2+1 Japan NMB included) 

2, 5 Disk Magnetic Brake System and 30-pins micro-adjustable dial for Super Long Casting

3, New Design of Frame for More Lightweight, 207g only

4, Shallow and Deep 2 spool in one set , Hollow-carved Design, 11g(shallow spool) /18g (Deep Spool) only

5, New Design Gear System gives a Lighter Reeling Strong Against Heavy Loading up to 18 LBs (only Deep Spool)

6, Carbon Fiber Drag System Provide Powerful Drag Performance

7, Blue / Purple Color-Changing paint, Magic colors, you can see different colors under different angles and lighting

8, Durable Heat Resistant Tapered Ceramic Line Guide

9, Water Outlet design easier to maintain products, suitable for freshwater and saltwater




Product Details:
ATHLON | Gear Ratio: 7.1:1 | Weight: 207g | Spool Weight:11g (Shallow Spool) 18g (Deep Spool) | Bearings: 8+1+1BB | Max Drag: 4KG (Shallow Spool) 8KG (Deep Spool) | Line Capacity (Shallow Spool): 0.165mm/150m   0.181mm/130m | Line Capacity (Deep Spool): 0.235mm/200m   0.285mm/140m | Retrieve Per Turn Rang: 76cm | Lure Weight: 1.5-15g (shallow Spool) 3-30g (Deep Spool)









Blue / Purple Color-Changing Paint

Magic colors, you can see different colors under different angles and lighting





Brass Gear 7.1:1 with Carbon Fiber Drag Washer

7.1:1 high speed gear ratio and precision matched brass drive gear and pinion gear for durability and smoothness.

Carbon Fiber Drag System Provide Powerful Drag Performance.





3 NMB Bearing From Japan

8 Stainless Ball Bearings + 1 Stainless Roller Ball Bearing +1 addition spool bearing provides smooth operation (2+1 Japan NMB included)





Magentic Brake System


There are 5 magentic pads inside and a 30-pins micro-adjustable dial on the outside (5 stages * 6-pins), 
which can easily adjust the braking force to achieve stable and precise casting.





Sigle Thumb Brake Force Knob

Instantly adjust the braking force through the outer dial.
0-2Pin: for super long casting - Heavy bait
2-4Pin: General purpose

4-5Pin: for beginner - Light bait





Tapered Ceramic Line Guide

Wider line-out cone flange for less backlashes, and171° bigger agnle will reduce the friction than others, provides smooth operation





Shallow and Deep Spool

Shallow spool equiped with aluminum alloy spindle, reduce the spool weight, suit for 1.5-15g fishing lure.

Deep spool equiped  with stainless steel spindle, increase the strength of the spool, suit for  3-30g fishing lure.





10+1BB Provides Smooth Operation

Uses 3 Japan NMB bearings , 6 stainless steel bearings , provide effortless casts smooth, speedy retrieves and long casting, plus an instant stop anti-reverse bearing for a total of 8+1+1 BB.  





Spool and Body are Closely Connected

Precision mold manufacturing minimum clearance, Minimize the chance of fishing line getting stuck, Beginners are easier to get started





Water Outlet Design

After Fishing, water can flow out naturally from the water outlet, or maintenance oil can be added from here, the fishing reel is easier to maintain



Brand Name: Mavllos

Model Number: ATHLON

Fishing Method: Bait Casting

Fishing Reels Type: Baitcast Reel

Baits Type: Fake Bait

Gear Ratio: 7.1:1

Model: BFS Baitcasting Reel Fishing Reel

Use Model: Left / Right Hand

Color: Blue / Purple Color-changing

Bearing: 8+1+1BB Include 3 NMB bearing

Weight: 207g (set with shallow spool)

Max Drag: 4KG (Shallow Spool) 8KG (Deep Spool)

Line Capacity (Shallow Spool): 0.165mm/150m 0.181mm/130m

Line Capacity (Deep Spool): 0.235mm/200m 0.285mm/140m

Weight (Shallow Spool): 11g

Weight (Deep Spool): 18g

Retrieve per turn rang: 76cm

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